Stirling & Clackmannanshire Area Office

Service Type:
Area Office
Locations covered:
Stirling & Clackmannanshire
01786 473849
Mental Health, Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Challenging behaviour, Young people in transition, Alcohol Related Brain Damage, Older People (including dementia), Forensic support, Alcohol and Drug misuse

The West Fife and Stirling area offers direct support to individuals with a variety of abilities including people with a learning disability, mental health issues, autistic spectrum disorders and challenging behaviours.

The ethos of the area is to include all people supported to live and contribute to their own community in a manner that provides a positive outcome to all involved. Supported people are encouraged to have a lead role in developing their own outcomes, irrespective of the number of hours of received support. The staff team within the West Fife and Stirling area are fully trained to support each person in an individual manner that enables the person to meet their full potential in meeting their outcomes.

The West Fife and Stirling area combines a robust and skilled management team and a highly motivated staff team in providing excellent person-centred support to each individual. Individual staff receive an induction programme of learning followed with an individualised training programme in order to offer person-centred support. Supported people are offered the opportunity to participate in these learning objectives. This encourages the participation of supported people in shaping the direction of the organisation at both a national and local level.