Lyle Street Service

Service Type:
Supported living service
Locations covered:
01475 784026
Mental Health, Learning Disability, Challenging behaviour, Alcohol Related Brain Damage, Older People (including dementia), Alcohol and Drug misuse

We provide housing support to individuals experiencing enduring mental health difficulties. We ensure that support is tailor made to meet the needs of each individual. As people's needs change, we review our plans of support. We encourage individuals to take more control of their lives to make choices and to be included in all aspects of their care plans.

About the service

We support individuals to develop the skills needed to live independent lives. The support is person centered and provided by highly motivated and experienced staff. Lyle Street in Greenock was set up in 1997 to enable individuals who had enduring mental health issues to re establish themselves within the community.

In December 2002 Lyle Street Service underwent voluntary de-registration allowing individuals to take on their own tenancies.

Since then Lyle Street Service individuals with Asperger’s Syyndrome and Huntingdon’s Disease. Lyle Street has also developed as a dispersed service supporting six individuals in the community within their own homes.

Lyle Street continues to grow in strength and knowledge

Who works at the Service?

In Lyle Street Service, the staff team currently consists of an Area Manager, the Team Manager and 12 support staff.

It is important that your support is provided by caring, competent and knowledgeable staff. We therefore provide ongoing training to promote high standards of practice. All of our staff complete an in-depth induction programme during their first six months. This covers general issues and also those areas that are relevant to the service they will be working in. They then continue a programme of learning and development throughout their employment. We support our staff to achieve SVQ qualifications at Level 2, 3 and 4.

How your support is funded and how you are referred

The Social Work Department is usually responsible for assessing your needs and referring you to our services. Our services are funded from a variety of sources including Social Work budgets, the Supporting People programme and the Independent Living Fund. Please speak to your Social Worker/Care Manager or a member of our staff for further information.