Shared Lives in Lanarkshire

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Shared Lives/Adult Placement
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01698 375800
Shared Lives

What is a Shared Lives Service?

In a Shared Lives service you are supported by someone called a Shared Lives Carer.  The Carer will open up their family, their social connections and their home to you.

What's special about this kind of Service?

It is low cost and high quality, flexible - it's about getting a life that you enjoy!

Who is this service for?

Anyone who is over 16 and has been assessed as needing support.

If your care manager or social worker says that they think you would benefit from this kind of support we can tell you more about the service.

If you want to use some of your direct payments or individual budget for this kind of support you can do , if it is meeting your needs.

What can the Shared Lives Service offer you?

  • You will choose your own Carers
  • You will be invited into the Shared Lives Carer's home, which will be clean and comfortable.
  • You will have the company of other people but also have your own independence as an adult
  • You will be able to meet new people and make new friends.
  • You will get the support to do all the things that you choose to do.
  • You can learn new skills
  • Support is flexible
  • Your choices and decisions will be respected
  • The Service Co-ordinator will monitor the support you get and will support the Carers with their development

What are the different ways the Shared Lives Service can support you?

  • You can live with a Shared Lives Carer in their home
  • You can live in your own home and get support from the Carer
  • Going on holiday with your Carer as part of your over all support