Party is the 'Word'

Tuesday 19 March 2019

When you can't get to the party, bring the party to you!

With the challenging logistics of getting to social events in Paisley and Glasgow, some people felt they were missing out.  People supported in the Inverclyde services decided to be proactive and host their own social evening.   

Connections are important, and with so many people in the area wanting to meet friends, find opportunities to make new friends and have a fun night out, it made sense to look into planning a local social night.

Word up 4Local night club, Word Up hosted the event. It was easy to get to, had easy access and provided a safe environment. 

The first social evening was held in October 2018 which was a huge success, so much so, that a second event was arranged for Valentines Day.  The dance floor was packed all evening and the bar staff where run off their feet.  The nights have been well attended with individuals from across Inverclyde coming to join in. 

Word up 3Local businesses and staff kindly donated some amazing raffle prizes including a bike, meal for two at a local restaurants, perfume and aftershave. The money raised is going towards the next event in May. a beach themed evening, with cocktails and mocktails being served.

Due to the huge success, the social evenings will be held every quarter throughout the year.

Word up 9

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