Autism App goes live

Tuesday 2 April 2019

New Smart App contributing to Understanding Autism. 


Two of our staff members, Frank Slokan, National Autism Advisor and David Breslin, Learning and Development Clerical Assistant, have been involved in the development of the new smartphone app, Understanding Autism. 

The App, developed by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), in partnership with Scottish Autism, Autism Network Scotland and The Richmond Fellowship Scotland was launched yesterday to mark the start of Autism Awareness Week. 

The app was designed to help people develop a basic understanding of Autism and provides links to get further information.

Both Frank and David had the role of writing the content of the app, along with others involved in the development. 

Autism App frank “This app will help practitioners with taking a strength based approach to supporting Autistic people.” Frank Slokan, National  Autism Advisor. 

"Disseminating information in the form of an app will provide an easier way for many people to access this invaluable knowledge.  This in turn will lead to greater awareness, and more importantly, a better understanding of Autism."  David Breslin  

app pic


David has a strong interest in employment and the contribution that Autistic people can make in the work place.  He told us that he hopes:

 “it will let people know the benefits that people on the spectrum can bring to the work environment.” 


More details on the App can be found here, along with the details of how you can download the app to your own smart device.

Thank you to SSSC for the use of their images.

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