Fresh Horizons in Kilwinning

Friday 3 May 2019

After many years in long stay hospital care, it's fresh horizons for 5 individuals as they spend the first 6 months in their own tenancies in Kilwinning.


Whilst moving on can be scary and daunting, it also brings with it new and exciting opportunities.  This was exactly the case for 5 housemates who have moved in together.  

"This year support has helped me achieve moving from long term hospital care into my own tenancy."

Of course, with having your own home and leading your own life comes responsibility and decision making; from picking your own bedroom,  through choosing the decor and most recently, agreeing on and taking on the responsibility of the newest housemates -  2 guinea pigs and a cat. 

Staff have been working alongside each individual to help them identify their hopes and dreams for the future and developing their personalised outcome led support plan. 

WIth a focus on outcomes linked to staying well, feeling good, being responsible and acheiving, everyone has been working on developing their skills to maintain their own tenancy, and looking at activities that help to promote wellness and recovery, including the benefits of animal magic.

"Support helps me to stay well by helping me to do things more independently and getting my own pets." 

"Support has helped me to be more independent with cleaning and assists me to my Art Class which I enjoy." 

Of course, it's not all been hard work.  Since moving in, there has been two birthday parties one being a 50th where a mobile zoo made a visit (the inspiration behind the newest residents, if you hadn't guessed). 

After a busy 6 months making the house a home, it is hoped that the summer will bring better weather so everyone can get out into the garden for a bit of outdoor therapy through planting some flowers and herbs and the chance to enjoy some lazy BBQ’s in the sunshine.   

Everyone is very much looking forward to getting to know their local community and find out what it offers. 

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland has been working together in partnership with the staff from Ailsa Hospital, NHS Ayrshire, North Ayrshire Heath and Social Care Partnership and Housing to ensure the smooth transition for everyone involved and are of course pleased to see such a positive start.  We would like to wish everyone the very best in their new home.

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