A Hero's Reward

Friday 17 May 2019

Recognition for Neil, as he is awarded his service medal.


Neil joined the British army when he was 17 years old. He joined as a trooper in the royal Scots Guards before transferring to the Royal Dragoon Guards which was part of the Enniskillen Regiment when the Scots Guards disbanded. Neil served both at home and abroad before leaving the army hotel and catering industry.

It was during a social visit to Edinburgh with TRFS Inverclyde dispersed service that Neil saw the memorial statue  his old  Regiment, this all reminded him of  his  time spent within his  Regiment and of his comrades who he had served with.

We spoke to Neil about his time serving in the armed forces and he mentioned that he wasn’t sure if he had been awarded his service medal, and asked if this was something we could find out?  We supported Neil to do some research online around the qualifying criteria for this award to personnel involved in the regiment and activities that Neil had been part of.  We were happy to discover that Neil qualified for the service medal. We printed of the relevant application forms and helped Neil complete and submit them. 

NB medal 2As you now can see, Neil is the proud recipient of his General Service Medal which recognises his contribution to his country! Congratulations Neil!


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