Administering Medication: We are getting it right!

Friday 7 June 2019

For lots of people, prescribed medication is an important part of what keeps them healthy, safe and well. The people we support are no different, however some require help to take and manage their medication. Obviously we take this responsibility extremely seriously and we continually invest in improving our already high standards of practice around health and safety.

Recent analysis of our performance in relation to medication errors exemplifies that our approach works. When we take into account the total amount of medication that we administer our rate of error is approximately 0.001%. Positive results like this don’t happen by chance, but are a result of the competence of our staff and the effectiveness of our policies and protocols. 

Our staff receive medication awareness training as part of their core induction, followed up by specialist training tailored around the specific medication needs of the people they support. Services regularly audit their medication administration practice and work with our dedicated Health and Safety Team to implement improvements if required. 

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