Nicholas's New Home

Thursday 13 June 2019

At TRFS we celebrate success on a daily basis.  We are keen to share stories of people achieving their goals and we are delighted to share Nicholas’s amazing achievement of living independently and being part of his community.

Nicholas is 31 years of age and was delighted to move into his new fantastic 3 bedroom home in April 2019 after spending many years in hospital.

Nicholas is adjusting to his new home environment really well and engaging in lots of things that are new to him. His Mum and Dad have noticed the positive impact this has had and feel Nicholas’s personality is beginning to resurface as he’s happy and safe.

Nicholas really enjoys being in the garden looking after his plants and has taken real pride in decorating it with ornaments he picked and bought himself.  Nicholas also loves getting out and about every day with his support staff and has been to many great places.  You can see Nicholas below at a disco in Greenock after making his support staff dizzy twirling them around on the dance floor!

Nicholas loves having his own home, being able to go out everyday and engage in activities of his choice.

Wishing you happy times in your new home Nicholas!

Nicholas s HouseNicholas

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