Shared Lives Services making a difference

Friday 21 June 2019

We believe everyone should be able to choose who they spend time with, have a right to family life and do what matters to them. Our Shared Lives Services help reduce loneliness and support people feel involved in their communities.

Shared Lives Services support people in the homes of the Shared Lives Carer, can receive support from Shared Lives Carers in their own homes and can be supported by a Shared Lives Carer to go on holiday.

Shared Lives – North Lanarkshire

G is a young lady who lives in Coatbridge and who accesses our shared lives service.  G is able to live in her own home, receiving support from two Shared Lives Carers who support G on alternate weeks.  G links with the family and friends of both carers and enjoys going to parties and festive celebrations with them.  G goes on holiday four times a year with her carers and their families and is also supported to go on her own holiday to a destination of her choice.  G usually returns from holiday to a freshly decorated home.  G also has lots of social activities that she accesses throughout the week that she really enjoys, this is well organised and she jokes that TRFS are her social secretaries.   

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