KPI Results 2018-2019

Friday 28 June 2019

Keeping Focused on Quality and Improvement:

Key Performance Results 2018-19

There is nothing better than celebrating the incredible achievements of the people we support, or highlighting the creativity and skills of our staff. However, as the recent exposure of malpractice at Whorlton Hall demonstrates, care providers must never become complacent about the standards we set and the values we live by. Nor must we loose focus on the constant need to improve.  In this regards, we want to share insights into an important aspect of our own quality assurance approach; our annual performance for 2018 – 19 against a range of Key Performance Indicators and Key Performance Actions (KPI / KPA’s).

99.9% of the people we support had their own outcomes focused support plan in place within 4 weeks of beginning their service. Moreover, we are able to evidence the active participation of 97.8% of people and their families in the process of reviewing support plans. Satisfaction levels amongst supported people and carers remain high with rates of 90% or above recorded for the majority of questions in our annual surveys.

More than 95% of our staff received a minimum 6 formal supervision sessions (including an observed practice session) throughout the year, and 97% of teams had 9 or more formal team meetings. Amongst those employees with at least 6 months service, 97.1% received a formal annual performance appraisal. We also achieved our target of having a less than 4% sickness rate.

84% of new staff completed all elements of their core induction training within 4 weeks; a 13% improvement on the previous year. We also improved vocational qualification attainment by 7.6% on the previous year.  

Overall we were able to improve of performance in 9 of our KPI / KPAs whilst maintaining our performance levels in a further 6. This focus on quality and continual improvement is reflected in our Care Inspection Performance in which 98.4% of the grades achieved were 4 (Good) or above.

We take pride in the strength of our performance but we acknowledge that there are always things we can do better. For example, we are working hard to improve the speed at which we are able to resolve complaints and improve staff turnover rates so that we provide as consistent a service as possible.

Performance measures might not be the most exciting things in the world, but they do insure we have a solid foundation that allows us to realise our true mission of helping people achieve the things that matter to them!

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