Grades that are a Cut Above!

Thursday 15 August 2019

Analysis of our annual 2018 -2019 care inspection performance reveals that once again we outperform the national average!

On March 31st 2019 (the last day of our reporting year) 98.8% of our inspection grades were 4 (good) or above, with 70.9% of those being 5 (very good) or 6 (excellent).  

To put these scores into context, having 98.8% of grades 4 and above is almost 10% above the national average for the voluntary / non-profit sector based on the annual statistics published by the Care Inspectorate. In fact, it’s better than the average rates across all sectors including Local Authorities (Councils), NHS and private providers.

Inspection performance like this is a testament to skills and dedication of our staff and validates our continual focus on quality improvement. Most importantly, our grades reflect the positive  impact of putting our values into practice and highlight that we really do help people achieve the things that matter to them!

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