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Tuesday 20 August 2019

On 24th July 2019, 98 supported people, friends and family attended the North Ayrshire annual Participatory Funding event.

The Todhill Service were delighted to be  highest winning bid on the day.  Read their story below!

The people who live at Todhill Country Centre and the people who come along to the Day Service at Todhill attended the annual Participatory Funding Event which provides funds for enjoyable and exciting activities.

After a lot of discussion and research the Todhill group of people decided that they would love to go to the Island of Arran for a day trip. We made a presentation to show to all the people attending the [PF] event what kind of activities we could get up to if we were successful with our bid.

While at the event we performed an unaccompanied rap song entitled “Don’t Abuse Drugs” all the people who performed the rap did brilliant, the rap was enjoyed by all at the event and we got a mega round of applause.

We enjoyed taking part in the PF event, we also enjoyed the lovely food and treats including candy floss, ice cream and pop corn. Later during the event all the people voted for what presentations should get the money they were looking for.  We were very lucky to have come 1st with achieving the most votes, giving us the opportunity to allow 35 of us to go to Arran for the day and enjoy the camaraderie of friends.  We plan to split into groups that have common interests and to explore some of the island and its history.

We are hoping to go to Arran in September to spend the money we were lucky enough to win.  We had an amazing day at the event and are already looking forward to next year.

Todhill's amazing presentation

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