Respecting and Celebrating Faith

Tuesday 27 August 2019

At TRFS we put our values into practice. One of our key values is that we are respectful of the people we support, and the things that matter to them. For many people, faith is an important aspect of there lives and is central to their overall sense of wellbeing. We respect this and always strive to help them practice their religion in the ways that they want to.

Shahid (who we support through our Glasgow services) has shared how he celebrated the religious festival of Eid during Ramadan.

“I recently celebrated Eid, which is a festival in my religion, Islam. This is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year. It honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God's command. But, before Ibrahim could sacrifice his son, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead.

The staff members at Woodside Service have always been very encouraging of my religion and are mindful of my beliefs that go along with it, such as eating only Halal foods. They are always keen to celebrate key events in my religion with me. During Ramadan, staff bought me an advent calendar. For Eid staff bought me presents and Halal food to celebrate this important time in my religion. I enjoy talking about my culture and religion with everyone and I wanted to let everyone know how staff supporting me with my religion has made me feel happy and comfortable in the service.”

We wish to say ‘Eid Mubarak’ to Shahid and all those who recently celebrated the festival. To all of the people we support that hold religious beliefs, we will always respect these and will help you celebrate them.  

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