That festive feeling in West Fife!

Thursday 31 October 2019

After some discussion last Christmas with individuals supported in the West Fife area Team Manager, Fiona, gathered some feedback on putting together a Christmas Choir for 2019. 

With the help of her musically talented colleagues, Andrew and Dom, the first choir session was arranged for Wednesday 23rd October 2019.  There was a great turn out from very excited and enthusiastic supported individuals and their staff with one supported person, Tim, bringing along his guitar to accompany Andrew on piano keyboard and Dom on clarinet.  Gemma, also supported, plucked up the courage to sing a couple of verses from her favourite Christmas song.  Colleagues in the Dunfermline office were lucky enough to be close by to also enjoy the lovely music and share in the fun. 

Choir Photo 5Choir Photo 3 Choir Photo 6

Everyone had a great time playing and singing along to various Christmas Hymns and songs, until favourites were chosen to practice over the coming weeks and there was huge excitement when the news was shared that the choir will host a Christmas Concert for family and friends in December in one of the local churches.

The work of the Choir begins now!  The Choir will now meet every Wednesday to practice and get ready for the big event in December.  The first things the group have been tasked to do for their homework is to think of a name.

 Choir Photo 4

Positive feedback was gained at the end of the session as everyone enjoyed a well deserved cup of tea.

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