Home Sweet Home!

Monday 18 November 2019

At TRFS we listen to what people want and support them to achieve what matters to them!

We all love a wee holiday and what would be better than coming back after a fun trip to a freshly decorated house? That was the treat that Dennis experienced this September!

A long-term supported individual with The Richmond Fellowship Scotland, Dennis has lived in his home all his life, with much of it looking the same for years.

With Dennis taking off on a five night holiday to the Leonardo Inn Hotel in Glasgow, the Glasgow West Housing Support team got to work with carpet fitters, painters and decorators to transform his house the way he wanted it.

While on holiday Dennis looked forward to his regular visits from TRFS staff four times a day while enjoying nice big meals and a lovely accessible room. He had a great time and was delighted to return home to find his own lovely newly decorated rooms in his own house.

This was Dennis’ first stay away from home in many years and was a great experience for him.  This was a huge achievement for Dennis and the Glasgow West Team!

Dennis 1Dennis 2

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