Fire Safety with a Difference!

Tuesday 19 November 2019

The Hopeman Avenue Service have come up with a great way to ensure people are being supported to stay safe and be responsible while having fun, proving even something as serious as Fire Safety can be taught and practiced in an enjoyable, easy to remember way!

While carrying out a recent fire drill, it was noted that the evacuation time had increased from 1 minute to over 6 minutes.  This led staff to work together to think of imaginative and personalised ways for supported people to remember the fire exits and the procedure to follow when they hear the fire alarm.  They decided to secretly create a video, specific to their service, to present at the next Service Planning Day as a surprise for the people we support.

The video highlighted the do’s and don’ts of what to do when the fire alarm sounds and what to do if anyone finds their escape route blocked.  At the Service Planning Day, everyone paid very good attention to the video but also had a great laugh at the terrible acting abilities of the staff.

Since the Planning Day, the service has seen a drastic reduction in the evacuation time during fire drills. Well done to everyone for working so hard to ensure the safety of everyone in the service!

John and Andy earning their Oscars!

John fire safetyAndy fire safety

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