Johhnston’s Travel Group Day Out

Wednesday 4 December 2019

The Johnston Service Travel Group is a brilliant of example of how staff are supporting people to make connections, get involved, be responsible and have fun.

The group have their own aims and objectives and encourage people to: -

  • Enjoy the company of others
  • Participate in decision making
  • Grow in confidence to travel on public transport
  • See new places
  • Find new interests
  • Learn new skills e.g. research information, dress for the weather, make a journal, make a packed lunch, keep safe and interact with others
  • Have a community presence

The group agreed to have a day out at the Transport Museum and after researching the opening times of the museum and travel arrangements, they headed off on the 28th October armed with a lovely packed lunch.  The entire group contributed to making the day an enjoyable experience.

As you can see from the photographs, everyone had an amazing time!  James said “that was a great day”, Lisa said “I loved today, it was magic”, Eddie said “I want to do that again”, Alan said “this was a good laugh” and Courtney gave a thumbs up!

We look forward to reading more about what the Travel Group have planned for their next day out!

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