Lawrence's Story

Wednesday 4 December 2019

We are committed to helping people achieve the things that matter to them but what does that actually mean?  Lawrence has been kind enough to share his journey on what outcomes mean for him!


My Story by Lawrence

"I have suffered with a mental health illness for a number of years and because of this I lost my confidence and my motivation to do things and it led me to become socially isolated and I found it hard to leave my home often, and to travel on public transport.

A couple of years ago with the help from my staff I made a list of things I needed to do, one of which was to stop smoking which I did.  This seemed to give me a new lease of life and a lot more money.  Another was to move my bed from the living room into my bedroom and make other adjustments to my home.  I never wanted to do this before because I didn't feel secure enough but my staff would always give me plenty of encouragement.

With staff support I had the confidence to go into Clydebank Town Centre to go shopping to buy CDs.  I had overcome my fear of travelling on buses and now had the confidence to travel into Glasgow.  This was not easy as there was a lot of planning involved and guidance.

I am enjoying life now as I'm doing much more with my time and with the help of the staff I look forward to doing more things in the future.

My son visits me every week and I became a grandfather and this has made me really happy."

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