Striking Gold with IiP

Monday 3 February 2020

We are delighted to have achieved the prestigious Investors in People Gold Accreditation.

The 'we invest in people' framework is the most successful framework for business improvement through people in the UK.  It represents a true commitment to employees and demonstrates a solid foundation of good practice which remains challenging and aspirational for many organisations.

Gaining gold accreditation means that we take full ownership of the practices we have in place to support our staff.  We are actively trying to make work better for people!

Bonnie Clarke, CEO of Investors in People in Scotland (known as Re:markable) said: -

"Your approach and commitment to high standards of people management has helped to create an environment where staff feel valued, where talent is recognised and developed and people can thrive.  It is an impressive achievement, and something to be very proud of".

Thanks to Bonnie for attending our recent Senior Management Team meeting to present our Investors in People Gold Award plaque.

Austen  Bonnie  Orla and AnneAusten  Teresa  Bonnie  Orla and Anne


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