Happy Anniversary Rowan Wynd

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Our Rowan Wynd Service celebrated their 10th Anniversary on 24th January 2020 with a fabulous party.


Everyone had a lovely afternoon celebrating with a delicious buffet and an amazing cake while sharing their stories and having a really good laugh.

CakeBuffetBalloons 2Caroline and JamieKim 2Linsey and John 2Stuart






















We also got to read about the fantastic achievements everyone had made in the 10 years since the service opened.  Their stories were beautifully displayed on the walls for everyone to read while enjoying the party.  

Stories 1Stories 3Stories 4

Kim s Story   croppedKim Murphy Story   croppedKim Murphys Story 2   cropped



















Area Manager, Linsey Gallacher presented Brian Craig, Team Manager with a well deserved glass house.  Well done to everyone involved!

Glass House






We managed to get everyone together for a group photograph outside.  Can you spot Ross?

Group photograph with Ross 3   Greig blurred

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