All the Fun of the Fair!

Tuesday 11 February 2020

At TRFS we encourage people to make connections and have FUN!  What could be more fun than a day at the Fair!

A trip to the Irn Bru Carnival was organised in January by supported people and staff at the Union Street service after a few people in the service said it was something they would like to do.

With eight of the young people being autistic, everyone was delighted to find out that the Irn Bru Carnival was holding an autism friendly afternoon when the music would be lowered, the lights on and, where possible, the rides slowed down.  This meant that everyone could go and take part.

Everyone was involved in the planning of the trip and one of the staff members and supported people made sure there was a nice comfortable bus organised to travel there and back. 

No matter of their age or support needs, everyone went on most of the rides and had a fantastic time – staff included!  New friendships were made and even though all individuals had very difference and communication needs, they all got on brilliantly and cannot wait to go again next year!  They are also looking to plan other events throughout the year where everyone can get together again and have FUN!

Jim Murray, Behaviour Support Advisor from our Positive Behaviour Support Team met everyone there and said: -

“Hi All

I met your staff and people we support at the Irn Bru Carnival on Tuesday. 

I would like to pass on that the support being delivered was great to watch.  Clearly person centred, individualistic and at each person we support’s pace.

Well done for organising this trip!”

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