Respecting People's Right to Be Informed

Thursday 2 April 2020

We pride ourselves on living our values, and one of the most important is that we are respectful. In the current circumstances, this means being respectful of peoples right to be informed about the impact that Covid-19 (and the measures to tackle it) will have on their lives.

Over the past few weeks our staff have helped the people we support make sense of, and adjust to, the current situation. In doing so we’ve successfully used a range of communication methods and techniques, particularly when helping people with learning disabilities and / or complex support needs.  As an example, our specialist Positive Behaviour Support Team have developed social stories that explain Covid-19; why places in the community are closed; and why they must stay at home.  These have helped people understand why temporary adjustments need to be made to their normal patterns of support and activities:


Role play, work books, video messaging etc are also being used to good effect. Together staff and supported people are creating new and imaginative ways to live life to the full. We’re looking forward to sharing these stories over the weeks ahead!

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