Safety Focused!

Monday 11 May 2020

As the national measures to tackle COVID-19 continue, we remain focused on the safety and wellbeing of the people we support and our staff.

An example of how we are doing this can be seen in the approach our Glasgow South services have taken to the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Every week an individual pack of PPE equipment is made and sent to every supported person’s home. The contents of each pack are designed to last 7 days and are carefully matched to the specific support the person receives. This approach ensures staff have the right type and level of PPE on hand at all times. It also means they don’t need to carry PPE with them when travelling to and from people’s homes and allows used PPE to be disposed of immediately and safely.

This approach has also proved to be an effective way of managing overall PPE resources as Area Manager, Dale Huston explains:

“By preparing weekly PPE packs in advance, we are able to carefully monitor our stocks. It also gives time for staff to feedback any additional requirements or changes and means we can order exactly what we need.”


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