Blooming Marvellous Community Support!

Wednesday 13 May 2020

New staff member in Sheriff Park, Naomi, wanted to help the people we support keep busy and cope with a different routine while in lockdown.  Taking advantage of the lovely weather we have been enjoying recently, she thought that getting to work in the garden might be a great way of involving everyone in having a bit of fun!

Naomi spoke with families and the local community to find out if there was any way they could help and she was delighted with the response and the donations received.

The people we support and staff would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who donated.

Thank you to Tracey Cooper for your wonderful gift of plants, everyone is over the moon with them.

Shonaid McCabe – your geraniums are going to look stunning so thank you.

Shona Beckwith – please thank your mum so much for the tomato plants.  They are in the greenhouse and the residents are having a great time watering, feeding and talking to them.

Huge thank you to Jill Loftus and her mum for their kind gift of plants.  Some have been placed in the wild flower garden and some in window sill pots.  Everyone is very excited about the Hosta that will grow so well in the large space that needs to be filled.

Thank you to Margie Miles-Elder for the lovely pansies.  These have been planted at the front door as a lovely welcome for everyone.

Massive thank you to Buchans Towbars for the wonderful donation of wooden pallets.  These will be painted lovely bright colours and used as a feature around the garden pond.

We thank you all for your donations and the support you give to the service.  The residents of Sheriff Park are delighted and have been enjoying them already.  We are looking forward to showing you the finished garden later on in the summer.




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