Making a difference in times of COVID-19

Friday 15 May 2020

We are privileged to help almost 3000 people across Scotland to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. Each person we support is unique and enrich the lives of others. 

People that require care and support have been amongst those most tragically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We take some encouragement from knowing that for more than 2 months into the crisis 1.5% of the people we support have been symptomatic with 0.03% being confirmed cases.

Credit for these relatively low rates must first go to the people we support and their families. They have followed government safety and distancing guidance diligently through extraordinarily difficult circumstances. We thank them sincerely!

We also hope these rates demonstrate that our service response to COVID-19 is working. Since the lockdown measures were introduced we have:

  • Adapted our support practices to align with government / NHS safety guidance.
  • Procured and distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Introduced guidance and decision making tools to ensure the proper use of PPE in services backed with eLearning resources and training.
  • Introduced a dynamic range of communication tools (including new digital platforms) to ensure that staff understand and are compliant with new safety and practice protocols and have direct access to specialist expertise and advice.
  • Created additional Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) led services to help people with complex support needs understand and adapt to changes in routines and social activities that impact on them most acutely.  
  • Provided tools, activities and expert advice to the families of children we support.
  • Shielded staff members with existing underlying health conditions.
  • Recruited and inducted more than 100 new staff members.
  • Adapted and increased the volume of staff training to incorporate a greater amount of online, video and blended learning than ever before.
  • Established effective monitoring and recording processes that enable us to quickly identify and respond to potential COVID-19 related issues (such as ensuring adequate staff levels are maintained in services).

We remain extremely vigilant in our approach, but with effective measures in place we are well on the way to re-establishing pre-lockdown levels of service.

Of course none of the positive outcomes we have up to now would be possible without the incredible commitment, skill and compassion of our wonderful staff. In the face of an unprecedented challenge they continue to find imaginative ways of helping people achieve and experience the things that really matter to them. Thank you to them and all staff working across health and social care!

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