Safety is Top Priority!

Tuesday 19 May 2020

The safety and wellbeing of the people we support and our staff remains  top priority throughout the organisation. 

We are delighted to hear the good things that are being implemented in our services to ensure staff and the people we support are protected and feel safe.

Some great examples of good practice are:-

In Rutherglen and Cambuslang, the Senior Support Worker has been making packs for staff to take with them on their visits each day.  The packs contain masks, gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser.   Packs are also stored for emergency purposes in each service to ensure that extra PPE is available if needed.

R C Packs Collage

Our Harbourside Service in Irvine is receiving regular stocks of PPE from their regional office and from the NHS hub.  They hold PPE centrally in the service for staff to access whenever the need to.  They also carry out weekly audits of their stock to ensure large quantities of PPE are available at all times.

Some of our staff have even modelled their PPE for us!


At our Todhill Country Centre in Stevenson, staff are giving demonstrations to emphasis the importance of good hand washing. They have showed how effective hand washing can be by using pepper and water.  The pepper is put into the bowl and, after putting on hand wash, hands are put into the water.  Immediately the pepper moves away from the clean hands.  There are also posters throughout the service with good hand washing guidance.  The people we support and staff have been supplied with Purell Clips which means they can keep hand sanitiser with them at all times.

Todhill Pepper

Training is also provided to staff on how to don and doff their PPE and they are practising this regularly.

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