Fun Times at Teviot Court!

Thursday 11 June 2020

At Teviot Court in Penicuik staff have been having lots of fun during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Competition was  very high on the agenda but this boosted morale and staff had lots of laughs competing in various challenges over the last few weeks.

Teviot Court is split into three pods/bases and each pod represented a team to compete in group and individual challenges.  The challenges included: -:

Baking Competition

Everyone was to make a cake that looked like a savoury dish.  There were cakes that looked like pizza, macaroni cheese, burger and chips, steak and peppercorn sauce, meatballs and spaghetti, a kebab and a meat loaf!  They all looked great and tasted even better! The individual winner was the macaroni cheese cake made by Complex Needs Practitioner, Neil and Pod 1 were the group winners with the kebab and the meatballs and spaghetti.

staff with cakes


Covid-19 T Shirt Competition

This competition certainly brought out the artists in some of the staff. This was won by supported individual Jenny who was delighted with her new T shirt and it has inspired her to make her own clothing!  Jenny also painted the rainbow mural on the wall with help from her neighbours.

t shirts

Bonny Baby Competition

This was a real challenge. Everyone went back and forth trying to identify who was who. Everybody that entered enjoyed the fun and there were loads of laughs and comments on each of the pictures. Some boys looked like girls and girls looked like boys!  Trying to guess the era of the photo using the outfit worn by the baby helped to identify the older generation! One person got 24 out of 24 and that was Complex Needs Practitioner, Rhonda.   Well Done Rhonda!

bonny baby

Air Soft Experience

This is a sport that involves using a replica gun to shoot soft ammunition at a target. This of course also turned into a competition to see who the best shot was. Senior Support Worker, Michal brought in his equipment and safety gear. He set up a safe space and gave safety training to all staff and supported individuals who participated. Everyone thought they were a sniper in the computer game Fortnite. All good fun! Complex Needs Practitioner, Lawrence was the winner scoring 46 /50 points!

air soft

Comments from staff

“Great moral booster for everyone” Rhonda J

“Great to see people we support get involved & distract them from is going on in current situation” Kris Smith

“Good team building and support for each other” Rhonda J

“Good Laugh” Paul Smith

“Made me feel proud that everyone pulled together & encourage each other to lift spirits” Sam H

 I got to try something I hadn’t done before & a big bonus was I won twice” Lawrence N

It was nice to try all the cakes and the chocolate one was the best” Melissa Q

“It was good to be kept active & have fun whilst doing it” Hannah Rosie

“It created an excellent buzz across the pods and created a really competitive streak amongst staff, it was fun to participate and  feel included” MC

We would like to send our good wishes to all. Stay safe everyone!


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