Positive PPE Feedback

Wednesday 17 June 2020

We are pleased to publish the results of a recent survey that formally captured feedback from our staff about their experience of accessing and using personal protective equipment.  There were 696 respondents which represents approximately 30% of our total workforce. The results are as follows:

  • 98% agreed they have the PPE needed for each setting and context they are working in.
  • 97.5% agreed that there is enough PPE for everyone in their service that needs it.
  • 99.9% stated they understand the risks of not using PPE or using it incorrectly.
  • 99.1% agree they know how to put on and take off PPE safely and in compliance with TRFS PPE Guidance.
  • 99.1% confirmed they were using PPE every time they provide personal care.
  • 99.8% confirmed they were using PPE in line with the recommended timeframes and using fresh PPE when required in line with TRFS PPE Guidance.
  • 100% confirmed that when they finish using their PPE they are disposing of it as explained in TRFS PPE Guidance.
  • 98.7% agreed that the PPE being provided to them is compliant with TRFS PPE Guidance.
  • 99.7% agreed that PPE at their service is stored property in line with TRFS PPE Guidance.
  • 99.7% agreed that PPE at my service is disposed of properly in line with TRFS PPE Guidance.
  • 12.5% confirmed they need further advice or support in using PPE.

This is very encouraging feedback that further highlights the importance of the safety measures we have taken and their impact in helping us maintain low rates of confirmed or suspected Covid-19 infection amongst the people we support and our staff. 

There is always more we can do and the survey also provided an opportunity for staff to share valuable ideas about how we can continue to improve practice around PPE. We will use this feedback to develop our processes and existing training and guidance tools (such as our practical and e-learning PPE modules and our online PPE guidance and decision making tools).

Thank you to all our staff respondents, and thanks again for all your dedication and skill! 

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