Jacqueline's Lockdown Success

Friday 19 June 2020

As everyone is aware, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the UK went into lockdown officially in April 2020 however since March 2020 some individuals at Hinshaw Housing Support Service have been in isolation to ensure their safety and wellbeing during this time.

Jacqueline likes structure to her daily and weekly routines and, she does not like or cope well with any changes. Staff who know and work well with Jacqueline at Hinshaw Street were concerned lockdown may have a huge impact on Jacqueline’s mental health and wellbeing however she has surprised everyone! She has adapted well to the changes to her daily and weekly planner and is following safe measures and guidance provided by the government, NHS and her staff team.

Jacqueline’s appearance is important to her. While she is unable to attend beauty appointments, she still wanted to work on her physical appearance and maintain a healthy weight.

Jacqueline has been joining in a Zoom meeting for her Slimming World club every Thursday morning as her normal Tuesday class has been closed since the beginning of lockdown. At the beginning staff were helping Jacqueline to set up her phone to join in the meeting however after a couple of weeks she was able to do this on her own. Taking part in the Zoom meetings has allowed Jacqueline to still feel involved in her weekly club and continue to monitor her weight. On 11th June, Jacqueline was named the “Slimmer of the Week” which had a positive impact on her and she was ecstatic to share her wonderful news with her staff team.


At the beginning of lockdown, Jacqueline was unable to go for her weekly food shop and this change to her routine initially had a negative impact on Jacqueline, causing her some distress. Due to the changes in guidelines, Jacqueline was able to be supported by staff to go for her weekly shop again and she has coped extremely well in following social distancing measures and even promotes this to staff and others in her building.

Jacqueline’s staff team and family have fed back to the Senior Support Worker and her key worker on how well she has been doing during this time. Jacqueline was really happy and proud to hear the feedback on how well she has been doing.


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