Arthur's Sponsored Paint!

Thursday 9 July 2020

Arthur has always been a very charitable man and will regularly complete sponsored activities to raise money and awareness for causes that are important to him. 

This has been no different during COVID-19 and Arthur wanted to put his time in the house to good use while shielding.  With the support of staff he set up a ‘sponsored paint', and set himself the challenge of painting 16 pictures in a month and finish just in time to celebrate his 61st birthday. 

Arthur paints with a brush attached to his helmet then uses his head to create is pictures.

Arthur painting

Staff supported Arthur to set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page where his friends were able to sponsor him or purchase one of his pieces which Arthur kindly donated frames for.

In total, Arthur raised an amazing £310!

Many happy customers have sent Arthur photo’s of his artwork in pride of place in their homes. 

Paintings 3   Gorrie with textPaintings 5   Windowsill with text










Arthur has really enjoyed painting  and is planning to continue to do so with the hope that when everything is back up and running he will have an open afternoon at the Madoch Centre (his local Church) to sell more paintings to raise money for charity.










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