Lockdown didn't stop Kieron!

Wednesday 23 September 2020

At TRFS, we know how valuable our staff are to us and the people we support.  During the recent global pandemic, our staff have been going above and beyond to make sure the people we support still achieve what is important to them.  

Kieron from West Lothian has kindly shared with us how much he appreciated the support his keyworker, Claire, gave him (particularly during lockdown) to achieve his dream of having his own house and gaining more independence.

"In February 2020, my keyworker, Claire helped me get a needs assessment form from the West Lothian Council Offices which was quickly filled in and returned. 

It was in late June 2020 that I got an offer from Almond Housing Association for a house in Howden.  I was stunned because after being on the housing list for 5-6 years I was offered a house just months after Claire helped me with the housing needs form.

I was deeply thankful and appreciated the effort that Claire made to help me get the house despite the lockdown restrictions.  After the offer Claire also continued to help me apply for all the relevant benefits and welfare fund forms that helped me move forward with my new start. 

Within weeks things were moving at a breakneck speed and I'm now happy to say that I'm nearly there with the house and that's been down to Claire’s help and support. She even helped my family with advice over the phone on how to apply for the benefits and forms.

kieron s new home 3

Claire not only helped me get where I needed to be but she also helped me gain more independence and to me that's important. I'm more than happy with how far I've come since she was assigned as my new keyworker and so is my family.

As my Mum says Claire is a godsend and the best key support worker ever. 

Claire is one of the best support workers I've ever had and I never want to lose her as a support worker. She's helped me through the best and worst times and to me that's the sign of one of the best professional support workers

Kind regards


Congratulations Kieron, we wish you all the very best in your new home!


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