Planning a Staycation!

Friday 9 October 2020

Gemma from our West Fife service had been looking forward to having a happy and fun filled holiday to sunny Spain, however due to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions this was no longer going to be possible.  This did not stop Gemma and staff planning a fun filled STAYcation for when lockdown restrictions were lifted.

As lockdown measures began to ease, Gemma became very excited and wanted to start planning straight away for a trip her staff, and that’s exactly what she did! Staff and Gemma’s parents organised a trip to Craig Tara for a Monday to Friday stay in September.  Gemma was absolutely over the moon and started planning her trip straight away. As soon as Gemma got the holiday confirmation from Craig Tara, she planned a day out to Edinburgh, with the support of staff, to buy Arts and Crafts stuff to make a Holiday countdown planner.

When the day came for her trip to Edinburgh, Gemma woke morning full of the beans, smiling like a Cheshire cat eager to get to work on her planner.  Gemma travelled to Edinburgh on the bus, social distancing measures in place which she adhered to very well.  Gemma is normally very quiet on the bus however she engaged for the hour’s journey and couldn’t stop talking about what she was going to do when she got to Craig Tara. Gemma arrived in Edinburgh and went straight to the arts and craft shop where she bought pens, paper, glitter, glue, sparkles - you name it, she bought it! Gemma returned home and put her stuff away, ready to get to work the following day.

The next morning, the first thing Gemma said before she had had barely opened her eyes was “IT’S TIME TO MAKE MY COUNTDOWN!” Gemma completed her morning routine and got straight to work. Gemma engaged so well making her countdown with a little assistance from staff and done a spectacular job. Here is the completed masterpiece! 

GT holiday planner

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