People We Support: COVID-19 Survey Results

Monday 19 October 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have remained true to the values that guide what we do. One of the most important is that we are respectful of the people we support. We promise to listen to them and continually improve ways to help them live meaningful and fulfilled lives.


We are therefore happy to share the results of a short survey conducted in August 2020 designed to help us better understand, and learn from, people’s feelings about the support they received during the national ‘Covid-19 lockdown’ period that lasted during spring and summer. 457 people responded to the survey, the results of which were:

  • 94.9% of respondents stated that the support they received helped them to stay well
  • 93.6%  said that their support helped them to feel safe and secure
  • 90.6.%  said that their support helped them stay connected to people (i.e. family and friends) in a safe way
  • 89.1%  stated that their support helped them to continue to achieve the things that matters to them
  • 86.5% said that we helped them to have fun
  • 83% feel that we helped them stay connected to their wider community and groups in a safe way (i.e. online etc.)

We are pleased that the majority of respondents provided really positive feedback; and that is a testament to the skill, creativity and compassion that our staff have demonstrated during very challenging times.

The feedback regarding staying well and feeling safe is particulary encouraging. This further demonstrates the impact of the protocols, training and investment we have made around safe working practices and compliance with the national safety guidance. 

There is always ways to improve. We will continue to work together with the people we support, their families, and communities to introduce new and better ways to help them stay connected. A key focus continues to be on helping people experience as much happiness and enjoyment as possible and we’ll be sharing stories about how people have used our Participatory Funding programme to come up with creative ways of having fun!

Huge thanks to all the people who took part in the survey; and thanks once again to all the people we support; their families; and our wonderful staff.

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