Woodside at GlasGLOW

Friday 6 November 2020

The residents and staff at our Woodside Service have been looking for fun things to do to keep themselves busy during the ongoing restrictions.  So many things have changed however everyone was in agreement that it was really important to find opportunities in their local community to keep everyone active, involved and have plenty of fun along the way!  When staff found out that GlasGLOW were holding a superhero-themed story event this year they knew that it would be perfect for supported person ‘D’.  ‘D’ already loves going for walks in the Botanic Gardens which is local to him.

Staff contacted ‘ITISON’ for some tickets to the GlasGLOW’s Pumpkin Patch event and they kindly donated 25 tickets to the Woodside Service which were shared across their area.

On the day of the event, ‘D’ and staff put on their masks and boarded the bus to the Botanic Gardens.  When they got there, they thought the queue looked huge, however this was due to the social distancing measures in place.  The GlasGLOW staff kept the group well informed on how to keep safe during their visit which made it much more enjoyable for them.

Everyone had a fantastic time!  ‘D’ said “How lovely are the lights, the gardens look amazing and it looks like a different place from during the day”.

‘D’ took the opportunity to take some snaps at the superhero stations and said “What a laugh, loads of opportunities for a few selfies”.

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