We’re Listening! – 2019 /2020 Survey Results

Monday 23 November 2020

Our commitment to listening and continually improving remains as strong as ever. We are therefore happy to share the results of our 2019 / 2020 satisfaction surveys.  This year’s surveys were conducted under the challenging circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic and the national response measures. Nevertheless, 635 people we support and family members / carers took the time to share their valuable experiences and ideas.  

Our ‘How Well Are We Doing?’ survey of people we support revealed that:

  • 94% of respondents agreed that our support helped them stay well.
  • 93% said we helped them feel safe and secure.
  • 92% said we gave them the right support.
  • 91% said staff listened to them and respected them.
  • 88% said we give them choices to help shape their support and help them achieve the things that matter to them.
  • 87% said their service was well managed.
  • 83% said their support helps them feel connected and involved in their local community.
  • 82% said we help them to get involved and have fun.

The results from the Families and Carers survey were equally positive:

  • 98%  of respondents said that our support helped their family member to be safe and stay well
  • 98%  know  how to contact their family members service team
  • 97% feel staff are well matched to their family member and believe that staff listen to and respect the people we support.
  • 95% feel the support helps their family member achieve the things that matter to them and agree we give their family member choices that help to shape their support.
  • 94% agree we give them the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns they have about their family member’s support and that staff listen and respond to any suggestions or comments they make.
  • 94% are happy with the consistency of the staff team supporting their family member, and believe that the service is well managed.
  • 94% agree that the support provided makes a positive difference to their family member’s life
  • 91% said that we support their family member to get involved and have fun and that the staff have the appropriate skills and knowledge.
  • 89% feel we support their family member to feel connected and involved in their local community.
  • 88% feel we provide enough information about the support we provide their family member and that they are informed of changes to the support.

These are positive results that mirror the feedback we received from our separate survey that asked people about the impact of the support we provided during the Spring / Summer 2020 “lockdown”. The feedback from these surveys also reflects the high quality standards which we adhere to and that are also exemplified in our Care Inspection Grades (more than 95% of which are classes as ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’).

Most importantly, we will use this survey feedback to continue to improve our services and respond to the things that people tell us we could do better. For example, teams throughout TRFS have been introducing new and creative ways of helping people stay connected, have fun, and overcome the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read lots of examples of how this is happening in the news stories section of our website and on our Facebook / Twitter accounts.

We are also using the survey feedback inform our new and updated TRFS Strategic Plan that we will implement in the new year. Huge thanks to all the survey respondents, and to all of the incredible people we support and their families / carers! 


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