Ladies Day Out!

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Meet Amy and Aimee-Leigh. 

Amy lives with her Carer, Rose through our Shared Lives Service in Perth and Aimee-Leigh also visits Rose’s for respite.  Amy and Aimee-Leigh have become great friends and have missed each other’s company during lockdown. 

At the beginning of lockdown we were advised to put respite and short breaks services on hold to keep within the Government and NHS Coronavirus guidelines.  This has been hard for everyone as our Shared Lives Service is the only respite Aimee-Leigh and her family have. Unfortunately the College had also been closed and this has resulted in Aimee-Leigh spending all her time in the house with no respite opportunity for Aimee-Leigh or her family since February. 

Working with Aimee-Leigh, her family, Rose and the Social Worker plans were put in place to enable us to resume support for Aimee-Leigh and her family.  This included seeking the advice of Tayside Health Protection Team and carrying out a thorough risk assessment.  A pre-health check was organised before support resumed to ensure that neither of the households were showing any symptoms and everyone was delighted when the feedback was positive.  We were given the go ahead to plan a date to re-engage the service. 

Amy and Aimee-Leigh were delighted to see each other again and a huge well done to Rose who safely supported them into town and back for a day of festive shopping and lunch.  A great day was had by all!

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