Pitairlie's Pub Night!

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Everyone in our Pitairlie Service have kept very busy during lockdowns and staff have constantly been looking for different activities or themed evenings for the people we support.

Keeping busy and having things to look forward to is a fundamental part of maintaining good mental health, something which has not been easy during lockdown. They have managed to keep spirits high with the ‘Garden Project’, ‘service lunches’ and our ‘ten year celebration’ back in November.

Their latest themed night is ‘Pub Night’! The pubs have been shut for a long time and for most of the individuals this was a big part of their weekly routines and social support. Whether for watching sports, karaoke or just a classic pub lunch, the bars and restaurants are sorely missed by all.

So, for the last month, our wonderful staff in Dundee have been using their amazing organisation skills to re-create the pub experience safely within the service. The people we support helped to come up with signature cocktails each. The cocktails are named after each individual and all are unique.

We asked them - what makes a pub? They all said the drinks! But some included the things that make the experience whole like karaoke, friends, darts and music. 

So with their participation and involvement we have bought dartboards, a jukebox and each have their own personalised cocktail glasses. There has been a buzz in service  since the announcement of this evening and it is sure to be a great one. We take great pride in being able to provide experiences such as this – which make such a positive impact to the people we support.

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