Leigh's trying new things!

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Part of our organisational Mission & Values state that we provide personalised and outcome focused support so that people can feel good, stay well and achieve the things that matter to them.  When Leigh’s usual activities had stopped, due to lockdown, staff from our Angus services supported him to choose and take part in alternative activities which helped him stay well and feel good.


Here is Leigh’s story in his own words!

“Since lockdown started I have not been able to do a lot of the things I enjoy. But I have been supported to do other things to keep me occupied! I have gone for lots of walks, which has helped keep me fit as I wasn't able to go to the gym.

I also wanted to learn to cook more meals that I enjoy from scratch so I got support to look for recipes and have been cooking new meals which I like, especially curries!  I have also made cakes which are lovely! I have made a recipe book with photos and recipes so I can make everything anytime.  I like going out for tea and have missed this but I've had takeaways instead.

When at home I've watched movies, listened to lots of music which I love doing and also some art which I hadn't done before.   When I've needed to do my shopping my staff have helped me do this when shops are quiet which has been good for me”.

Now, as lockdown is easing, Leigh is continuing to try new things as well as enjoying old favourites.  He plays table tennis twice a week which he had never tried before and he is continuing with his art which he has really enjoyed!  Leigh is delighted with his canvas that he has coloured himself and now takes pride of place in his living room.


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