Devinder's staying connected!

Friday 4 June 2021

We know how important it is for people to make connections and stay connected with their family and friends.  Finding ways to do this while ensuring the people support are kept safe during COVID-19 has been challenging and an important part of our support.


This was extremely important for Devinder from our Woodside Service in Glasgow.

Over the past year spending time with loved ones has been really difficult and Devinder was missing his family massively. With the help of his support staff, Devinder set up a weekly video call with his parents. Every Monday morning the team would visit Devinder to help him set this up using the service tablet.

Devinder said “I really enjoy the video chats, it’s much better than a phone call, I can actually see my Mum and Dad face to face”.

As the weeks went on Devinder became much more confident using the technology and with the help of his Support Worker Louise, Devinder purchased his own personal tablet for his flat.

Devinder has since been video calling his family regularly with little help from the team.  Devinder also uses his tablet to listen to relaxation music and watch exercise classes to keep him active at home.

Devinder said “this wee tablet’s brilliant, I’m so happy I decided to purchase one”.


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