Creating fun together!

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Our mission and values statement highlights having fun and feeling good as being important to the people we support.  A great example of this is supporting Barry and Anderson to continue to have fun despite their usual activities not being available to them.

Barry and Anderson live in our Kirkinch Services in Glenrothes.  They have both stayed there for a while and are great friends!

Barry has a real passion for playing pool and air hockey and he loves the opportunity to compete against others and have some fun as well as meet people in his local club.  Over the last 14 months it hasn’t been possible for Barry to attend his club due to the pandemic as it has been closed.

Anderson also enjoys playing air hockey and pool so they both decided to club together and buy their own table.  This meant they could play whenever they wanted to in the comfort of their own surroundings. 

Staff supported them to choose and buy the ideal table and it’s no ordinary table!  It’s a pool table, air hockey table and also a table tennis table! It now takes pride of place in the house and they are both really pleased with it and show it off at every opportunity.

Since it was delivered they have both been having lots of fun and enjoyment playing together and also competing against the staff.  They are both very competitive and love it when they beat the staff!


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