Alan's loving his new job!

Thursday 10 June 2021

We develop and deliver the best personal supports that listen to what people want and achieve what matters to them.  In order to deliver personalised and outcomes focused support, our staff sometimes need to come up with imaginative solutions to help solve problems which are stopping the people we support to feel good, get involved and achieve the things that are important to them.  A great example of this is when staff supported Alan when he could no longer do the job he loved due to lockdown restrictions.


During lockdown in 2020, Alan sadly lost his job at the Mobility Centre as it had to close due to the pandemic.

This really affected Alan as he lost a sense of routine and he loved working there.

Throughout 2020 he would say he was missing his job and he would always ask when he could go back. It was heart breaking that staff had to keep telling Alan that it was still closed.

Finally in April 2021 shops started opening up and there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel. However the Mobility Centre was still closed.   Support Worker, Charmaine, noticed an advert for voluntary staff at Barnardo’s and Senior Support Worker, Fiona phoned the store straight away and made enquiries about getting Alan the job. As not to get Alan’s hopes up they kept this a surprise until they had some good news to tell him!

Once we got confirmation, all the staff were excited to tell him about his new job. Alan was over the moon and couldn’t wait to start. He started the next week.

Ever since Alan got the job he has told us how much he loves it.  On Alan’s return he says “work has been very good”, “my job is putting the stickers on the DVD’s”.

Alan 2


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