Crafting success for Sheriff Park!

Thursday 15 July 2021

On 1st to 4th July 2021, the people we support and staff from our Sheriff Park Care Home showcased their talents at their first Fair in the Rutherglen Arcade Shopping Centre.  They were excited to finally get back out and about to sell all the items they had made while restrictions were in place.

The people we support and staff love crafting and were already used to making Rainy Day Kits which have proved to be very popular in the past but with some extra time on their hands due to lockdown, they decided to expand their range.  They were now able to make and sell 20 different types of Rainy Day Kits, Christmas Cards, Sun Catchers as well as Keyrings and Plant Pots made from Hama Beads.

Support Practitioner Susan was there every day and lots of staff, people we support, friends and family came along in support of the service to help and to make a purchase.  Thanks to staff members Scott, Elaine, Lynn and Julie for their help and support.  Les, Gary and Willie from the Supported Living Services popped along and Craig’s mum brought along her friends who wanted to show their support.  Steven visited with his parents on Sunday and so did Martin, bringing along his sister and brother-in-law.  Susan and Lynn’s families also popped by to buy some rainy day kits!

All of the rainbow keyrings that were made solely by the people we support sold out and their Christmas cards sold really well with some lovely feedback given on how beautiful they were!  Other sell out items were the Pokémon, Marvel and Mermaid Rainy Day Kits and the Hama Bead plant pots.

It was a huge success and between the sales at the Fair and sales from people seeing the items online, they raised a spectacular total of £465.  This money will be reinvested into the service to purchase more materials to make even more items to sell at the next Fair taking place at the beginning of August.

More importantly is the joy, confidence and skills it has given the people we support.  When they are making the items they don’t believe that people would want to buy the things they have made themselves and it gives them a great sense of pride when they see their hard work flying off of the table!  Making the items takes a lot of concentration.  Gary explained that when he is concentrating on what he is making there is nothing else going on inside his head and he is just staying focussed!

There was a lot of great feedback from the people we support’s family and friends who were delighted to see the items at the Fair as, during lockdown, they had only been able to see what their family members were making through service newsletters.

Look out for information on their next sale at the beginning of August!  You could be the proud owner of one of their fantastic creations!

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