All the fun of the Fair!

Friday 30 July 2021

Our 2021-2024 Strategy highlights the importance of ensuring that the people we support are actively and fully involved in their support.  Staff in our Scone service were led by Robert when supporting him to plan a FUN day out in his local community.

Robert from our Scone service in Perth recently had all the fun at the fair! 

Robert likes listening to loud music and in the past has loved going on the rides at the funfair, however has always felt unable to do this with anyone other than his parents.  Robert has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and Aspergers and this can have an impact on his day to day activities.  He has been receiving support from staff at Scone for almost 6 years and over this time Robert’s confidence has grown, enabling him to settle into his own home and attend some raves and a cinema trip.

While supporting Robert to write his weekly activity planner, staff mentioned to him that a funfair was coming to Perth and he showed that he was interested in going.  Staff supported Robert to plan for this by following the step by step instructions and risk assessments in his Support Plan which included Robert’s preferred way to travel – by taxi!

A date was chosen and the taxi was booked! When the day arrived Robert was supported to travel by taxi to the Funfair where he and staff went on the Twister, followed by the Waltzers!  Going on the rides was thirsty work and Robert had a break to enjoy his favourite drink – Irn Bru!

All tired out, Robert bought some candy floss and some chips, fried rice and curry sauce to enjoy at home.

Robert had such a good day, he couldn’t wait to go back and asked staff if they would go with him another night!

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