Colour and Fun for Alex!

Thursday 2 September 2021

Alex is supported 24/7 by TRFS in North Kessock. He loves being out in the sun and spending time in his garden is one of his favourite pastimes. Alex’s garden was recently landscaped and he loves the new space he has, but it was missing something...colour!  His staff team got together and discussed ways of making the most of the space and how they could make it a brighter and more colourful space for Alex to enjoy! 

Very talented Support Practitioner, Honorata used her previous experience of running art workshops, when she worked for The Centre for Mental Health Recovery, to plan an inspirational and colourful design to capture Alex’s eye and imagination!

From her experience working for The Centre for Mental Health Recovery, Honorata said that interaction with art made clients more relaxed, increased their happiness and decreased depressive symptoms.

The value of art therapy has been widely recognised. Art has a power, it can move people in lots of ways, helping ill people to emotionally engage with themselves and their surroundings. This improves their health and wellbeing.

While Honorata was working on her amazing design, Alex was very excited and accompanied her in the garden almost all of the time. Alex reacted very enthusiastically and he laughed a lot. Other staff noticed that when he was spending time in the garden, he would adjust his armchair to make sure he could have full view of the fence. Alex loves his new garden and is already planning what other things he can add!

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