Amy's shared lives story!

Friday 24 September 2021

Amy lives with her Shared Lives Carer, Rose in Perth & Kinross. Shared Lives is an alternative and highly person-centred approach to care and support for adults. People supported by the service are introduced to an approved carer (referred to as a shared lives carer) who best meets their needs. 


Amy has very kindly written her story which she wanted to share with everyone!

Amy in water

Amy – My Story

When I first went to Shared Lives I had left foster care. I didn’t have a phone, I didn’t have my own bank card and I only had one real friend.

I never left the house unless I had a carer with me. Since then I now keep my own bank card and know how to use it. I go to the shops if we need anything like bread in the house. I will go to the shops if Rose is working and buy it.

I have a phone. I have totally redone my bedroom. I bought a new carpet, a new bed and even picked my own wallpaper.

I usually go on a holiday abroad with Rose once a year but due to COVID I am having a holiday in Edinburgh.

I have made lots of new friends from college and often go for lunch or a meal out with them. Last week I went to Dundee for a girl’s day out.

Amy with drinkAmy with meal









I am now at the end of a main stream course at college and am going back next term to repeat this as due to COVID I couldn’t complete it.

When I need to do something new or something I am not sure of my carer will help me by showing me and helping me until I feel confident.

I like living in Shared Lives as I get the support I need but I also get to see some members of my family too.

I also have a job in a café at Perth Royal Infirmary and work there either 1 or 2 days a week. This is closed due to COVID but will open again soon.

When I first moved in with my carer I used to get help to do my washing. I now do this myself and also my ironing. I do need help with how much I put in, but I know how to use the washing machine.

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