Outcome delivered (excuse the pun!)

Friday 24 September 2021

Our mission is to 'develop and deliver the best personal support that listens to what you want and achieve what matters to you'.  A perfect example of this is when staff supported Reggie, from our Highland Services, to realise his dream of driving a lorry!  


Reggie tells us what it meant for him!

"Hi, my name is Reggie and I always wanted to drive a BIG LORRY! My Senior Support Worker, Shirley used her contacts to make it happen!  She arranged for me to have a drive of this MASSIVE DAF truck with the help of McDonald Haulage of Ross-Shire – Thank you very much for this!

Reggie in front of lorry

This is me sitting in the cab trying out the pedals, gears, and steering wheel – now, if I can only find the keys….

Reggie driving 1Reggie driving 2









…the driver’s name is Peter (and he kept the keys in his pocket – Bah!).   I also got a shot of the Air Horn, jeepers that made me jump!  I had to honk it again (and again!)

Peter delivers loads all over Great Britain making sure that all the heavy machinery gets to where it needs to be on time.

Peter took the Manitou Forklift off the back of his lorry to give me a shot of that too – it has got lots of hydraulic levers for moving the forks about – it was super cool but very muddy – I told Peter to get it cleaned ha, ha.

ForkliftReggie driving forklift









Peter’s lorry has a cab with a bed and a TV in it.  I really loved this day and wish I could be a trucker!"


Reggie driving forklift 2




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