We listen and improve - our 2020/21 Results!

Friday 1 October 2021

Throughout the pandemic we have remained focused on our mission to listen to people, and to deliver the best personal support that helps them achieve the things that matter.  We are therefore delighted to share the results of our 2020/2021 annual satisfaction surveys. 

Despite logistic challenges caused ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, 982 people we support and family members / carers took the time to share their valuable experiences and ideas. This is what they told us:

Individuals we support

95% said we give them the right support.

93% said the support helped them feel safe (including during the pandemic) and staff listen to them.

92% said the support has helped their wellbeing over the past year.

91% said their service was well managed.

90% said the support helped them achieve the things that matter to them.

89% said that over the past year they have been given as much choice as possible to shape their own support.

87% said their support has helped them stay connected to the important people in their life over the past year.

78% said that over the past year their support has helped them to have as much fun as possible.

Families and Carers

99% said they feel their family member is safe, and they know how to contact the service if they need to.

97% said they feel the support from TRFS has helped maintain their family member’s wellbeing over the past year.

96% said that not only are our services are well managed, but that staff listen and respond to them and their family members and are also respectful towards them.

95% said they always or usually have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns about the support including with regards to COVID safety measures. They also feel our staff are well matched to their family member.

94% feel the staff supporting their family member have the right skills and knowledge.

92% said we have:

  • supported their family member to achieve the things that matter to them
  • given their family members as much choice as possible to shape their support over the past year
  • provided consistent staffing during the COVID 19 pandemic

90% said we continue to give them information about the support and keep them informed of any changes including measures we took during the pandemic to keep their family member safe.

87% said we have helped their family member stay active or involved in their community as much as possible throughout the last year and also provided opportunities for their family member to have fun.

How our results compare

As with previous years we measure our satisfaction scores against comparable questions from the Scottish Government’s bi-annual National Health and Care Experience Survey (most recently conducted in 2020).  As with previous years, we are pleased to report that our satisfaction rates remain significantly higher than those in the national Health and Care Experience Survey:


We’ll keep on making improvements!

This is the 15th consecutive year we have conducted our ‘How well are we doing’ survey for the people we support and the 12th consecutive year of our survey of families and carers. Reflecting on the importance of these surveys, Austen Smyth (TRFS Chief Executive) observes:

 “Our Satisfaction Surveys are one strand to our commitment to hearing the voices/opinions of the people we support and their loved ones; they also provide another important way to respond at an individual level to any issues that need improving”.

In the year ahead, we will continue to help people achieve their personal goals and feel safe; but as the COVID-19 restrictions ease we are focused on helping people to have fun and live their lives to the full. Look out for news stories in the near future about the brilliant ways people are using our annual Participatory Funding Programme, and we’ll soon share exciting updates about new holiday accommodation at out Todhill Country Centre!

Needless to say, 2020 / 2021 was an incredibly challenging year for everyone. The high levels of satisfaction amongst the people we support and their families therefore a real testament to the relationships they have with our staff who have demonstrated exceptional levels of care, compassion and commitment throughout the pandemic. The feedback from these surveys also reflects the high quality standards which we adhere to and that are also exemplified in our Care Inspection Grades (more than 96% of which are classed as ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’).

Huge thanks to all the survey respondents, and to all of the incredible people we support and their families / carers, and our amazing staff team!  








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