Ian's redecoration success!

Wednesday 13 October 2021

We support people to be active participants in all aspects of their lives and ensure they have choice and control over the things that matter to them.  We also support and encourage people to do things for themselves rather than having things done for them.  A great example of this support is shown in Ian’s story below!


Ian from our King Brude Gardens service in Inverness has been incredibly busy over the past few weeks.

Ian was not happy with his bedroom, particularly after unfortunately breaking his old bed.  Ian was also unhappy with the colours and the overall look of his room.  He had explained to staff that he never got to pick the colours of his room the last time it was decorated and he wanted to pick the new colours so he can have the room he really wanted. 

Ian firstly got some support to pick the ideal bed for him and then was excited to choose the new colours for his room.    Ian was supported to set up and prepare for painting and using rollers and brushes, Ian did a fantastic job painting his room.  Everyone is very proud of Ian’s accomplishment, only needing a little help with the finishing touches done by a painter.  Ian is delighted with how his new room has turned out!

Ian has also painted his new white shelves and helped put all his pictures and shelves up on the walls. With only a couple of things left to do Ian is very excited to show his finished room to his family and support staff.

Fantastic work Ian - Well Done!

Ian s Room 1Ian s Room 2

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