Enhanced safeguarding through our new hotline!

Monday 15 November 2021

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care, safety and respect. Today we launch a new whistleblowing hotline and online reporting system so that anyone can raise concerns they might have around any aspect of our service or practice. We have contracted with an independent whistleblowing and reporting company and this hotline enables complaints to be made anonymously and  enhances/ complements our already comprehensive complaints and adult / child support and protection protocols and procedures.

It is fitting that we launch the whistleblowing hotline on the first day of National Safeguarding Week 2021. Today’s theme for care and support organisations is focused on emotionally aware and respectful cultures. Our whistleblowing initiative today demonstrates our commitment to those principles.

Keep watching this space as throughout the week we’ll be posting more stories that demonstrate how we put safeguarding into action!

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